Parsun 4-stroke F20AFWS outboard engine


Parsun 20HP Outboard Motors

The PARSUN four-stroke outboard engines boast muscular performance despite being light in weight for their classes. Whether fishing a favorite point or taking a leisurely weekend cruise these outboard engines are a delight to use.


PARSUN 20HP outboard motors feature greater flexibility and durability. PARSUN portable four-strokes apart from the competition is not just their light weight and compactness but the fact that they have the same renowned PARSUN quality technology and reliability as our large displacement outboards.


1. Blow-By Gas Reburning System – clean

2. Prime Start – Sure Start

3.10A High Output Alternator – convenience

4. Single Operation Steering Friction – convenience

5. Strong Tiller Handle – reliability durability

6. Start-In-Gear Prevention – convenience

7. Labyrinth Exhaust System – low noise

8. Large Steering Angle – maneuverability

9. Front Shift – convenience

10. Water-cooled Fuel Pump – reliability durability

11. Flushing device – convenience

12. Over-Rev Limiter Overheat Warning Low Oil Pressure Warning – reliability

13. Quiet, through the propeller hub exhaust

14. Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved

15. Quality 24L fuel tank with hose

1. Electric Start
2. Electric Start Remote Control